Rating System

rsI do have my own criteria which will focus on some points:

  • Does the Title intrigue me or interests me?
  • Did I agree on some point of views on it?
  • Author’s style used in the book.
  • If the language or style used is convincing to define the character.
  • If the characters were represented as what the story suggest.
  • If the ideas and concepts are clear.
  • Physical appearance of the book. (Cover, binding, layout format etc.)
  • If it successful in its goal or purpose of the story. (If it made me cry, laugh, inspired or the emotion that one should feel on the book )

I’ll be using stars to represent the over all ratings. This will be based on the criteria above.

1 star    1 star- I don’t liked it. It bores me. There are an infinite number of holes but interests me a little bit.

2 stars    2 stars- The characters, plot and everything are just fine. Some were predictable. It doesn’t made me feel that excited to read it.

3 star 3 stars- Just in the middle. I like it.

4 star    4 stars- Almost perfect. I like the plot and characters. There are just holes that the book doesn’t justified.

5 star5 stars- I really loved it! I love the characters, the plot, the ending and other more about the book. I highly recommend it to others.