About Yell

C360_2016-01-18-18-01-30-327.jpgYell is a 19-year-old but sometimes felt like a 15 years old teen, 5th year Engineering Student who lives in the Philippines. She spent most of her timeĀ laying on her bed reading books from a wide range of genre. She is a fast reader and can’t stop herself from readingĀ a whole book without finishing it.

When she is not reading, she spent her time on her desk doing arts and crafts, jotting down on her journal, drawing, painting and other things that interests her.

She is also a fan of Japanese Animation or Anime. She had a Chopper Shrine that consists of Chopper figures and plushies.

Aside from Chopper Collection she had other collections too. She have books, tapes, notebooks, cute stuffs, stuffed toys and one of her most recent hobby now is stamp collecting.

She is a fan of boy bands like The Secondhand Serenade, Coldplay, One Ok Rock, All Time Low and other more bands where she could find connection on their songs.

She loves to travel but didn’t have that much opportunity but planning on it sometime after she graduates in her degree.

She had been blogging for a few months on her website but decided to separate the book section that is why this site was created.

I could do reviews and if you wanted me to give an honest review on your book or work, you could E-mail me on yellmaenicolas@gmail.com / yellreadsalot@gmail.com or here: